November 2017 Regular Meeting – First Degree – A Journey Begins

This meeting we are due to receive a talk entitled “A Journey  Through the First Degree ” by Bro Stuart Harker SW and the First Degree Charge by Bro Jim Moran JW.

In our Journey through the First Degree we meet a series of challenges. No doubt we all remember that first challenge: “Do you feel anything?” That first incident was designed to intimate to us that we were about to engage in something serious and solemn. We were no sooner inside the Lodge than we were faced with the second challenge: “Are you free?” Then, when we vowed that we were unfettered, body, mind and soul, the blessings of the Almighty was invoked on the proceedings. Then, without a pause, came the third and most important challenge of all: “In all cases of difficulty and danger, in whom do you put your trust?” There is, of course, only one answer, but that answer is the confession of a simple faith – the simple faith of Masonry.

We do not enquire a candidate’s religion, but we do insist on a belief in a Supreme Being – faith in the Great Architect of the Universe is the rock foundation on which the whole Masonic edifice is built.

The Talk further delves into the obligation and the language used and the meanings thereof, as the words used have a profound significance on our obligation, and for the start of our journey through Freemasonry.

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